Table-based Permissions

To set table-based permission for the lf-developer, navigate to the Lake Formation service console.
  1. On the Lake Formation console, click on Data permissions section on the left hand side
  2. Then click on Grant button
  3. On the window that pops up, configure the following options:
    1. Under the Principals section, select lf-developer as the user.
    2. Under the Policy tags or catalog resources section, select the option Named data catalog resources.
    3. Choose tpc for the database and select dl_tpc_web_page and dl_tpc_web_sales from the Tables drop-down list.

      Please ignore the tables that start with an underscore, those are temp tables.

    4. For this exercise, we are doing table-based permissions. So, under the Table and column permissions section, check Select as the table permission.
    5. Leave the Grantable permissions unselected and click on the Grant button.