Data Lake Administrator

A data lake administrator is an IAM user or IAM role that has the ability to grant any principal (including self) any permission on any Data Catalog resource. Designate a data lake administrator as the first user of the Data Catalog.
  1. Logout from the current AWS console and use the sign in link from the CloudFormation output to login as lf-admin user (default password: Password1!).
  2. Open the AWS Lake Formation console at
  3. It will prompt you to assign a Lake Formation administrator, and the option Add myself is checked by default. Keep the option as it is and click on the Get started button. This will give the user lf-admin administrative control on the data lake.
  4. Optional: Alternatively, you can open the prompt by clicking on the Choose administrators button and then you can select the lf-admin IAM user from the drop down list.