Lake Formation Basics

AWS Lake Formation is built on AWS Glue, and the services interact in the following ways:
  • Lake Formation and AWS Glue share the same Data Catalog.
  • The following Lake Formation console features invoke the AWS Glue console:
    • Jobs - Lake Formation blueprint creates Glue jobs to ingest data to data lake.
    • Crawlers - Lake Formation blueprint uses Glue crawlers to discover source schemas.
  • The workflows generated when you use a Lake Formation blueprint are AWS Glue workflows. You can view and manage these workflows in both the Lake Formation console and the AWS Glue console.
  • Machine learning transforms are provided with Lake Formation and are built on AWS Glue API operations. You create and manage machine learning transforms on the AWS Glue console.
These labs cover basic functionalities of Lake Formation, how different components can be glued together to create a data lake on AWS, how to configure different security policies to provide access, how to do search across catalogs and collaborate.

Follow the following steps one-by-one to complete these labs: