Using AWS CloudFormation Template

Before starting this AWS Lake Formation workshop, you need to create the required AWS resources. To do this, we provide AWS CloudFormation template to create a stack that contains the resources. When you create the stack, AWS creates a number of resources in your account. The outcome of these steps is to create the sample TPC database running on Amazon RDS, sample users to test different security patterns, Glue connections and other IAM resources. All of these resources are required for this workshop to build a secured data lake on AWS.

To launch the CloudFormation stack, click on Launch Stack.

The CloudFormation stack will roughly take 12-14 minutes to complete.

Check the CloudFormation console and wait for the status CREATE_COMPLETE as shown below: Once the stack creation is completed, your AWS account will have all required resources to run this workshop. Capture the data lake bucket name, password, and Athena query result output location from the output tab and proceed to the next chapter to run different lab. The CloudFormation template also shows AWS console IAM login link. Use that link to switch between different IAM users for this workshop.