Lab Preparation

  1. Run the Cfn template as lf-admin, Password: Password1! NOTE: This template is created for the us-east-1 region (N. Virginia) and will not work in other regions.
    Executing the CloudFormation template
    Follow these steps to get to know more about this CloudFormation template and execute the template.
    • The CloudFormation template will take 2 parameters.
    • The CloudFormation stack will roughly take 4-5 minutes to complete.
    • Once the stack creation is completed, your AWS account will have all the required resources to run this exercise.
  2. CFN template will create the following resources:
    • 2 IAM users: glue-dev-user and glue-admin with Password: Password1!
    • 1 Role: AWSGlueServiceRole-gluedemo
    • Cloud9 service to use CLI commands
    • IAM Policies: AthenaAccessPolicy, LakeFormationDataAccess, GlueFullReadAccess, GlueProdPolicy, GlueTestPolicy, GlueCrawlerPolicy
    • 2 S3 buckets: lf-data-lake-bucket-athenaresults-[AccountID]and lf-data-lake-bucket-glue-lf-migration-[AccountID]
    • S3 bucket policies
    • 2 Athena Named Query: 1 for Prod and 1 for Test
    • 2 Glue Databases: 1 for Prod and 1 for Test
    • 2 Glue crawler jobs that will extract schema for "amazon reviews" data and add the metadata to glue catalogue