Allow Data Filtering

Lake Formation supports column-level permissions to restrict access to specific columns in a table. Integrated analytics services like Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift Spectrum, and Amazon EMR retrieve non-filtered table metadata from the AWS Glue Data Catalog. The actual filtering of columns in query responses is the responsibility of the integrated service. By default, this filter is opt out for Amazon EMR. Amazon EMR clusters will not be able to access data in Amazon S3 locations that are registered with Lake Formation.

In this step, we enable this filter as in this lab, you will use EMR Notebooks and Apache Zeppelin on Amazon EMR to access data managed by Lake Formation.
  1. Continue in the Lake Formation console at Ensure that you are signed in as the lf-admin user.
  2. Check the box for Allow Amazon EMR clusters to filter data managed by Lake Formation. and enter your account id under AWS Account IDs box. Click on Save and proceed to the next chapter.