Clean up

Please make sure you empty all the Amazon S3 buckets that got created as part of this exercise. Additionally, If you have completed Glue to LakeFormation Migration workshop, then you also need to remove the policies that were attached to the two users (glue-admin and glue-dev-user). Once you complete these steps, proceed to AWS console or AWS CLI to delete the following CloudFormation stacks:
  • Lake-Formation-Workshop
  • Lake-Formation-With-EMR-Workshop & Lake-Formation-EMR-WindowsADFS (if you completed "Integration with EMR" lab).
  • Kinesis-Data-Generator-Cognito-User in us-west-2 region (if you completed "Handling Real-Time Data" lab).
  • Lake-Formation-Migration (if you completed Glue to Lake Formation Migration).
For more details: